Feels like i'm melting in everything i touch
It's been long time since i forgot what is love feels like
i really hate classify myself in one thing
I always thought that everyone can be everything
That's the only reason why i'm still here
Cause i know that i'll be put in other diffrent situations
Would i kill? hurt someone ? or leave?
We all would.
Can't define what i am
I'm so ashamed
what if i refuse
what if i mind waiting
Love is a terrible thing to love
It tears me apart
i almost done with it
untill something woke me up
See? there's always other options
More subtle, more pinkish.
The thing is, nothing is a fact
i may be just discovering love in all ways
And maybe i'm not romantic
Maybe i'm just alone.

I belong to those people who love to live in labyrinths
Where everything is meaningless
where you feel lost so you can question yourself about things over and over again
I would like to write about you
but i don't think you deserve to live forever.