Hello hearters!

I know right? A pretty specific title

Today I decided to share with you a little bit of my story, to write about something a little more serious but trully important wich is eating right , a key aspect of self care , that sometimes (sadly) we tend to overlook.

This is not about diets, cutting everything out and suffering, its not to "look good" and it's not about pleasing your parents or showing off how healthy you "are".

This is about something serious (your health) and how something so simple (eating certain things) can help better how you feel on the inside wich is so important to stay in a great mental, emotional and physical state.

I want you to remember that everything is conected, so when the mind is not feeling well we tend to not eat right, but when we don't eat well our mind feels worse, and so on

I think many of us have had depressive episodes, where you just:

  • don't have the energy to cook anything
  • aren't hungry even though you've haven't eaten in hours
  • really don't want to eat because you can't find taste in anything
  • don't get out of bed at all and sometimes even forget you havent eaten in a long period of time (maybe even days)
  • don't see the point even when we know we have to eat


Constant anxious states where:

  • you suffer from heartburns and can't even swallow food
  • nausea/vomit out of nervous breakdowns so you are afraid of eating just to avoid vomiting something
  • your emotions are so over the place your stomach feels constantly in pain and/or swollen
  • your stress levels are so high you suffer from faints/ shortness of breath / lightheadedness / etc

My story

I've always had problems with my eating habits, as a kid I ate too much, or ate all the wrong things, I suffered from obesity.

As a teen I binge ate out of anxiety, didn't drink water AT ALL and drank TOO much soda, everybody started pressuring me to lose weight and I felt so guilty of eating so much and felt so ugly that I just threw up , I suffered from bulimia for a bit and had pain in my knees from my weight and pain in my kidneys this scared me to death because I was only 16, I started changing some habits and working out and I lost 40 pounds, but in the back of my mind I was still doing it for someone else but me, to look "pretty", so people would stop making fun of me, so my mom's friends would start calling me "the pretty one" instead of "the big one", so my mom and dad would get of my back, so my boyfriend at the time would like me better, being healthy and feeling okay was just the plus.

When I turned 20 I was in another relationship, that made me loose complete sense of my reality, lowered my self esteem without me noticing, because I always thought of him instead of me and put him first over me all the time, and suddenly I was kicked out of school, working at a bar all night eating aything just bc it was quick (pizza, sushi, all types of takeout) I started loosing more weight and I was happy until I started suffering from migraines, dizziness, and later on severe anemia.
I kinda noticed my relationship was toxic but I was in denial, I just blamed myself it was "easier" I quit my job, I had no friends and stopped going out or even getting out of my house to go to the store or anything, I would go days locked in my room, not eating, because I wasn't hungry, sometimes I even thought I don't need energy cause I don't do anything if I eat I'll gain weight
this deep state of depression and anxiety just made my stomach hurt so badly, nausea, vomit, heartburns, constipation, sometimes I went days without eating and when I wanted to eat my body just couldn't take it and immediately threw up.
When I finally got back in university I oppened my eyes to realize how many things I was missing out of and how everything that I thought was "normal" was really just tearing me appart slowly, I started going to a psychiatrist, I knew something was wrong but I still didn't want to admit my relationship was part of it, they diagnosed me with severe depression and generalized anxiety disorder, medication trully helped me to feel hunger and actually find pleasure in eating because i could finally find taste in things.
I still didn't go out much, I was still too afraid and I kinda had a feeling that if I kept realizing more about the world I would have to admit to myself that I had to leave my relationship cause it was caging me, I dropped therapy when my grandmother died and once more I hit rock bottom.

It had to take me a lot of physicall pain, faints, insomnia, vomit, panic attacks, back pains, shoulder pains, even a case of purpura to reach a point where I went WHY TF DO I HAVE TO PUT MYSELF THROUGH THIS?! FOR A RELATIONSHIP THAT IS NOT EVEN WORTH IT
A relationship that had caged me, that had made my world smaller instead of making it wider, that didn't support me but just filled me with fear , doubt, anger, negative views about almost everything and recentment towards life.
I walked out last year, on a December day, I couldn't take it any longer, I didn't want to set foot in this year with that relationship still standing, and suddenly I realized so many things, a lot of pain went away, I could sleep in peace, I wanted to eat, I felt so free, vulnerable, scared but also excited for everything to come.
It was my way of saying, this is the time where I do things by myself, for myself, take care of myself, change, grow, put my health in order, mental and physical and it's been the happiest 3 months of my life.

I now eat my 3 meals, BUT since I'm more active (walking more, school, I go out with my friends) now and my body is so fragile I've become aware of how something as simple as walking from the bus stop to class requires energy, I still constantly feel dizzy when I walk too fast, or try to do too many things in one day, when I wasn't even used to getting out of bed, it's a scary feeling really, because I've experienced fainting and don't wanna go through that anymore, but it's just my body telling me that I need to adjust my eating habits once more since now I actually have a day routine and require more energy than before.

About feeling Lightheaded

Feeling faint or lightheaded without losing consciousness is called presyncope. The condition may cause you to feel nauseous and clammy as well as lightheaded. Presymcope usually is caused by a drop in blood pressure or a heart arrhythmia that reduces the amount of blood pumping from your heart. Lightheadedness that occurs before or after eating may be a sign of hypoglycemia and can be prevented by changing some of your eating habits

So... If you feel this way lets see what we can do to prevent this! :)


  • Stay hydrated

Oh what a way to start...
You may feel like you read about it everywhere but it is important.

The humam brain is made of about 75% water, the first way that dehydration affects the brain and alters how we think and feel is by slowing circulation. This lowers blood flow, wich means less oxygen travelling to all parts of the body, including the brain.

fiji⚘ image adidas, evian, and grunge image
My psychologist explained to me, that drinking water is extra important when we suffer from a mental ilness or are undergoing a lot of stress and strong emotions

Don't spend money on fancy water bottles, or spend daily, just fill up a bottle at home and take it to school (or work) , we have to drink at least 2 liters of water daily, but binge drinking one liter in school and one liter before going to bed won't do the trick, you have to take small drinks along the day :)

  • Infused water

If you aren't used to drinking water, you just hate it, find it tasteless, boring, I'VE BEEN THERE, God knows how much I struggled to actually enjoy drinking water hahaha

Infused water can be a great way to help yourself, one it adds a bit of flavor to it, and two the extra kick of vitamins is always great for your body

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never feel obligated to spend more money than you can just because of pretty pictures on the net, you can add less expensive options like cucumber, lemon, orange, etc.

  • Reduce your intake of soda and coffee

Most people enjoy a good cup of coffee or a all glass of soda with lots of ice...

While natural ocurring sugar in fruits and vegetables is part of a healthy diet, added sugar in soft drinks should be consumed at a minimum.

On the other hand caffeine is a quick energy booster but also an anxiety trigger

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Both soft drinks and coffee can be very adictive due to the amount of caffeine and sugar they manage, if you are like some of my friends and drink up to 5 cups of coffee daily or consume 2 liters of coke daily, you should really consider how this is affecting your health and it might explain your low energy.

Dropping these are very hard, I recommend lowering your intake slowly, if you stop taking caffeine abruptly, you may experience symptoms of withdrawal like: headaches, fatigue, anxiety, irritability, difficulty concentraiting.

Also black tea is a great way to cut back on these and get the caffeine you need.

  • Honey

Honey is a quick acting carbohydrate that can lessen your lightheadedness and get you through a crisis until you can eat a meal or take your insulin if you are diabetic. A tablespoon of pure honey is one of the most effective foods for raising blood sugar levels in a hurry

theme, honey, and rp image Image by K Y L I E

Also! If you are trying to cut back on soft drinks, but also need some flavor and sweetness in your life, tea is a great option, theres lots of different flavors and sweetened with honey rather than sugar, tastes much better and is much healthier ♡

  • Protein

If you have reactive hypoglycemia ( when blood glucose leves become low following a meal) , you can control the symptoms by paying attention to the timing and content of your meals, reactive hypoglycemia rarely requires medical attention. Lean sources of protein such as egg whites and fish may reduce your lightheadedness.

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I myself love fish, specially grilled with salt, pepper and oregano :)

Non-meat sources of protein such as cheese, milk, yogurt and soy-based products seem to reduce the symptoms significantly.

But when we talk cheese, it's not the overly processed type used in hamburguers, pizza and nachos, consuming these too often can give you migraines due to the chemicals they use

food, pizza, and yummy image cheese, food, and fries image
These look great I know and I'm not telling you to drop them that would be horrible

but the type used in salads, or can be eaten with toast, fruit and fresh bread :)

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But this also looks good and tastes amazing and I recommend you to add them to your diet
  • Try a balanced but light breakfast


I hated eating breakfast I always skipped it because it made me feel nauseous, slow and sometimes made me feel like it took away my energy rather than giving me the boost I needed, then I realized I wasn't eating the right things and was eating too heavy wich can make you feel lightheaded.

Theres lots of great options! :)


A continental breakfast is always great option! a fried egg a slice of fruit, a piece of toast and a glass of milk or fresh juice.

Scrambled eggs or omelettes are great option too 'cause you can add anything you'd like, lots of veggies, some cheese and bacon :)

food image Temporarily removed food, breakfast, and eggs image breakfast, food, and scrambled eggs image
you can eat them scrambled, sunny side up, boiled, omellette style

Today I had eggs with salsa, some potatoes, a cup of orange juice and half a cup of coffee with half a spoon of sugar it gave me all the energy I needed :D


If you don't have time for eggs, don't like them or you can't consume them, toast is a great option, easy, fast, and can give you a great kick of energy without feeling heavy after eating! :)

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look at all the beautiful and tasty options! :D


quick fast and super healthy, oatmeal helps lowering cholesterol

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add something to your oatmeal it doesn't have to be as boring a it sounds hahaha

smoothie bowls

super healthy, fun and easy to make, and oh so pretty

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  • Fruit juice

You want to find something that will enter your system quickly if you feel lightheaded. Liquids often are the quickest way to get sugar into your bloodstream. Fruit juice is a common alternative and can be carried with you if you undergo the symptoms often or expect to miss a meal.

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  • Snacks

When your blood sugar levels are too low, eating something made of carbohydrates is key. try to keep high-carbohydrate snacks on hand. Some good snacks to keep on hand are: pretzels, fresh or dried fruit, granola bars

bar, bars, and delicious image delicious, yummy, and perfect image

I wanted to share my story not for you to feel sorry for me , oh no, please don't do that :) I'm happy as I can be, and I'm not even mad at the people that hurt me, my story is a reminder that how quickly and easily we can forget about ourselves, how it's so easy to blame others and not take care of us, yes they hurt us, yes they corner us in heavy situations, but we have the power to pull through any situation, it might take time, days, months sometimes years like in my case, but as long as you do things for you everything will be easier, change takes time but it's def worth it, so remember to be your own motivation to do things, take care of your body, mind and soul, and be happy

Best of luck guys! I'm sending lots of blessings and happy vibes your way! ♡♡