Holaa sweetie pies , today i'm gonna tell you some secrets things or thoughts about me specially when i was a child, when i tell this stuff people they are kind of surprise, i think it's because for what i'm today. Just LEEET'S DO THIS.

  • Sticker collectionist
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Everyone felt envious of me ... well, only my cousin (probably not)
  • I used to had curly hair...Really curly
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I don't know what happened when i grow up, but the thing is my hair now its wavy almost straight
  • Obsessed with red pacifiers
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The story tell that when i was a baby i only take the red pacifiers, my granny told me that once my pacifier when missing and they bought a pink one and a baby Val, threw it away.
  • I used to play basketball
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I played basketball when i was 10 - 13 years but I quit , because I sprain my left arm.
  • Wood pencils fetish
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I have lots of colored pencils , 'cause i love them and i really love the smell of it , is like magic.
  • I used to think that people are born with their current age
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This is the weirdest thing that i thought , i was like 8 -9 years old maybe, and i believed that the people was born with their current age and that they never get older or they never be a kid. I was sure about this, i think i always would be kid , like Peter Pan ,you know you born with this or not and my theory also was that people never die, die didn't exist for anyone in my mind. Now that i think about it , my theory got some holes i mean ¿How people born? they just appear or what.Think about it straight, little Val.

I hope someone has done / thought the same as me, if you have something that you want to share, you can send me a message and we will share our oddities together.
Hope you liked.

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