If you notice the following signs while you're with your crush then he/she likes you. All of them tested and proven by me and my friends.
I'll use "they" as a pronoun for crush because that's gender neutral.

So, check them out!

1. Eye contact

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You're talking and what are they doing? If they are looking directly into your eyes then that shows their interest in what you're saying. That means they must also be interested in you! Of course, this should not only be once but they should constantly make eye contact.
Pro tip to give them a hint: If you want to make sure that he/she knows that you're interested in them always maintain eye contact yourselves.

2. Dilation of pupils

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So, this is a scientifically proven fact and not just proven by me :). Our pupils grow larger when we see someone we like. As if we want to take in the most of them we can... and the best thing is they won't be able to contol it because it's something natural. Look into their eyes a bit deeper the next time you see your crush ( please not too creepily) and see what happens. Of course, that might give you away, too... But in the end you want them to know you like them, right?
Also a fun fact: Many people don't look into their crush's eyes wanting to hide their love. That means, it can happen that you don't spot the first sign I wrote ("Eyecontact") because your crush might have a crush on you and want to conceal it.

3. Touch

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Look out for not so obvious touches. Example: You are sitting next to them and your knees are touching. Maybe even barely. Do they adjust himself so there is more space between you both or do they stay like that? If they stay like that that already means they're comfortable next to you. You're only comfortable next to people you like so this is definite sign.
There are other touches, too. You make a joke and even if they don't laugh they kind of teasingly push you. Or if you're standing in a group:
Do they tend to stand next to other people or are they often right next to you? Think about it.

4. Interest

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So this is actually something you might have already noticed but still you have to look really carefully. How attentitively are they listening to you when you are talking? Do they ask questions about what you just said? For example, you said you like to dance. Do they ask you questions about dancing then? It's really important to notice the small things. If they remember something you said few days ago that's a pretty good sign, too.
Pro tip to give them a hint: Remember what they said and bring it up in a future conversation where it fits in. This is a really great and subtle way to make your crush know you like them.

5. Body language

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Body langauge is something which gives away most of us because we need lots of training to actually control it and most people can't. Are your crushes arms crossed? That's not good. Are they copying your movements? For example, when you are seated and cross your legs do they copy it after some moments? If yes, that's good. A good way to see if they like you by their body language is when your crush is standing in a group and you approach the group from where their back is facing. Do they open a space for you to stand their and their feet change their direction slightly in your way? If so, that's great!

In conclusion, I want to give you the best tip: Go ahead and tell your crush you like them because that's the easiest way to find out if they like you back!
Okay, that's easier said than done.
If you're really looking out for these signs look very carefully because sometimes we tend to miss them when we are so excited to be with our crush. I, for example, had a friend help me because I legit think my crush does not like me at all but my friends keep telling me he does quite obviously.
Also if it seems like they don't like you in more than a friendly way then just try to get over them because you have so many options. We are like more than seven billion people in the world. You'll find someone else.

Thanks for reading♥️