this movie is the same sensation as being embraced by your favorite person. Everyone in the cinema cried, laughed, and in the end, applauded. It's the lgbt movie that we needed, no fights or deaths, just fun, with a cool story of a teenage love that ends up working out .

p.s: when i watched this i wasn't open about my sexuality for my friends, and i almost came out for them when we left the theater, but i didn't. i don't know why but i didn't.

well, i am saying this because even that i didn't come out that time, the representation this movie gave was really important, as any other representation when it's well done.

i felt the power that representation has when i went to a drag concert and everybody in the crowd was gay, and everyone was very comfortable with that. This got me very inspired and the day after i came out to my friends at school. yeah this kinda of stuff matters a lot