Women are always hearing comments about their look, if they don't have boobs or ass they will be target of comments BUT if they have, it is better they cover these parts of their bodies because ' you donยดt want to draw attention to that, what type of girl are you?'. And if they are short is becuse they are short BUT if they are tall 'oh girl you canยด't be taller than men'. Also, if you are skinny you gotta gain weight because nobody likes bones BUT if you have curves : 'nobody likes fat people'. And if you don't use makeup is sign that you don't care with yourself and you are lazy.

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These are some examples of what women hear everyday, and some comments are the guys who saw you on the street, others by your boyfriend/girlfriend, some your friends said and even your family.
I really believe that men spent by this too but I only can write about how I hear like a women but all people are constantly shamed for everything and we have the right to do whatever we want. And is hard to grow up in a society who try to put everyone down about their appearance, we need to change this,

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we need to start saying what we like in other people we see and not what they should or not should cover. We need to be nice with everyone and it's okay be like you are, you are beautiful and unique, don't forget that!

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