DISCLAIMER: this article is super fucquin' cringey because I wrote it when I was like, 15. So yeah.

I've been told numerous times to trust no one. I've also been told dozens of times to have some trust in people.

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Why do people find it so frickin' difficult to just be a decent human being? Like so many people have a problem with treating people right and respectively, and I honestly don't understand why. You have this amazing human who treats you with such genuine and you just decide to mess that shit up! Like what the fuck, how does that even add up?! Answer that for me, WILL YA!! Think of people like glass. Glass is all the same 'cuz it does one thing: break. Some people treat the glass by handling with care, and others seem to break glass because they think it's fun. But whyyyyyy though? How? What even is the whole point of wanting to ruin a person's feelings?

I see plenty of people that get walked over like mats, and I'm well aware that that shit sucks. I know what it feels like to seem manipulated and used, and it's not a good feeling at all. Which is why I always keep my suspicions high, 'cuz now no one is loyal, no one can keep the label 'friend' anymore, and no one should have to suffer from being treated like play-doh. That stuff is for kids, alright?

If you are someone who actually has a heart, who treats people with kindness :), and handles others with care, you deserve an award. Since there's not a lot of people like you, you're very rare to the world. You are amazing, I hope you keep that respect of respecting others, and wish you no more fake bitches along your way so you'll carry on happily.

let's be friends if ya wanna, just message. im shit at making conversation though <3