I'm not a veggie actually, but one of my friend is, and so, I asked her if she could give me some advices and describe me the principal things she eats. And she did!

First, people usually think that the first thing they always have is tofu... You like it or not, but not all veggies like it (me neither..)

1. Leguminous

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beans, chickpeas, lentils...

This is essential in vegetarian alimentation. There are full of dietary fibers and high-protein. And of course, as they generally don't eat meat it's even better because it can replace it.

2. Cereal

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quinoa, wheat, polenta, boulghour, wholegrain rice, oats...

They are easy to use in salads, go along with vegetables, eggs ect...
They also are high-protein and they are perfect eaten with leguminous (to not suffer from deficiency in iron for exemple)

3. Oliaginous fruit, seed or nuts

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almond, hazelnut, pistachio nut, nuts...

Iron, proteins, omega-3... it can be taken at any moment of the day, and it's delicious. Like for the cereals, you can add them in your dishes.

4. Vegetables

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Of course, everybody knows that. And you have no excuse! Not only veggies eat this, everybody does (if you have never eaten a vegetable of your life I'd like to meet you because it's really really rare haha)

5. Vegetable cream

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soja cream, rice cream, coco cream...

Can be used in salads, cooked meals, patisseries, soups,

6. Seeds

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Again, you can use them in almost everything

7. Herbs

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thym, rosemary, tarragon..

8. Vegetable milks

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oats milk, soja milk, hazelnut milk, almond milk, coco milk...

There are lactose free and gluten free. I admit that I use almond milk and hazelnut milk sometimes, not because I'm lactose intolerant or something else like this, but because I digest it better. (so, for people like me, try it ^^)

9. Corn galettes

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You know tortillas? now you know what you have to do!

10. oleaginous purée

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(part 3)

It's over!
I hope you'd like it, and maybe if you want to become a veggie I think it can help you, and if you are just curious, like me, try to eat like that sometimes, it will never hurt your body.

Bye Bye!!

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