holis, preciosuras, it's cher...or blue...or mel, whichever you prefer ;).
i hope you're all having a great day and if you're not, i wish you the absolute best.
today's article will be about things i love, as seen in the title. i realized that i haven's posted anything like this, which is weird because it's a basic topic, in my opinion. anyway, enough chit chat, let's get to it.

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1. music - this one's basic, but who doesn't love music? it's a great escape and helps us feel.
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2. sushi - i absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVEEE sushi. ever since i first tried it, i couldn't get it out of my head and the taste out of my mouth. i'm literally always craving sushi.
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3. pizza - if you don't love, or at least like pizza, we can't be friends.
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4. iced tea - ICED TEA IS SO DARN REFRESHING, OH MY GOD. i could drink it everyday.
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5. wrestling (WWE) - i've watched wrestling since i was a kid, though when i say wrestling, i mean WWE. it's been an on and off relationship due to various circunstances. like, right now i barely watch it because i don't have usa network anymore, so the only way i can watch is with youtube. i can't even watch total divas because i don't have e! network anymore either.
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6. arabian and bellydance music - i am anything but an expert, but i've grown to fall for that kind of music lately and i recommend it. i've always been intrigued by their culture.
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7. japanese feudal age - idk what about it, but i just love when i see movies and shows that show the japanese feudal age. i truly wish to study it sometime.

8. history -
my favorite subject at school. i know most people find it boring, but i just love learning about other people's history and culture, just like my own. i love knowing what happened ages ago when i wasn't even planned. how did people live, what did they do on the daily, how did couples work, the politics, etc.

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9. vampires - possibly my favorite ficitional creature. i love anything that has to do with vampires, it totally intrigues me.
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10. greek mythology - GREEK MYTHOLOGY IS THE SHHT!!!
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11. theology - i love anything that has to do with God, which is why i love theology. i wish to study some of it sometime in my life.
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12. football - basically my favorite sport. i'm not an expert, but i love watching it. i love to feel the rush, the adrenaline, the excitement and everything that comes with it.
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14. dance - i've been dancing since i was a kid and it is absolutely the best feeling. i've been doing christian dance, though now i'm taking modern dance classes, so i can improve my christian dance skills.
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15. traveling - i can't die without at least visiting 10 of my favorite places on earth. i've only been to different states in the US and i just loved it. seeing new things, new cultures, new people...way too good.
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16. chinese food - i still haven't expiremented with a lot of chinese food, but i love what i've tasted and i can't wait to try more.
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17. trying new food - i don't need too many words for this. i just wish i had enough money to do it more often
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18. my country and culture - you guys need to come and visit my country sometime. it has such beautiful spots and please, i know san juan is beautiful and all that, but there are other beautiful places that i highly recommend. for example: carolina, loíza, aguadilla, culebra, arecibo, and others. i love our culture because we're always celebrating and we always let people know where we're from and who we are. from the food, to the music, to the spots, to our flag, everything is spectacular.
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19. autumn/fall - my ABSOLUTE MOSY FAVORITE SEASON.i love everything about it. the weather, the music, the holidays, the fashion and the colors of the trees.
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20. 80's music - WHO ELSE IS WITH ME? 80's music is probably the best music from the 1900's, don't @ me.