Ok. I was searching for sale and i saw that at the moments Alexander Wang handbags are on offer.
Of course you have to pay attention, if they are new or vintage. I see a lot of people now who have fake handbags. In this chase i suggest to buy a vitage than fake. I have the opinion that fashion lover should never buy a fake handbag or other stuff.. Luxury brands are the symbol of hard work and unboxing it means a lot for us .

That's the reason i am always searching for sales... Maybe i can help one person to get an original Handbag.. Unboxing an original bag feels great than a fake Chanel handbag. I love Chanel handbags. I also saw a lot of fake Chanel but i never wanted to buy it, because i doesn't make sense for me to know i am carring a fake with me. I am not able to buy it. We should work harder to make our dreams come true, even when it means to buy a super expensive handbag.