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DAY 5:

Friday I'm in love - The cure


This more than a memory is a recommendation. This song makes me feel like an eternal teenager, I listen to it every time I think everything is wrong and I do not do anything funny (almost always hahaha) but it makes me realize that it identifies my best friend and me. These songs are to raise the volume, sing loudly and realize that you are in the best stage of your life, that you are a teenager, that you can do what you want, encourage on everything, try new things (with care), laugh at everything, you can fight for just causes (social and environmental), enjoy night and day, small trips, read a thousand books, fall in love with whatever and whoever, dress as you want, rebel with adults when they say wrong things , get away, kiss whoever you want, study what you like, basically enjoy life! So if you think you did not do anything in your adolescence listen to this song and remember that you have all the days of your life to make this stage something eternal and beautiful, to do and think everything I said before, to laugh at the things you did and do not regret anything, because yes! We are teenagers I hope you are going through the best adolescence in the world and if you do not think like that, REBELATE YOURSELF and the most important thing of this is that you love yourself and that you are happy.
''Thursday i don't care about you, it's friday i'm in love''

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