I remeber the days where we all used to hang out with each other..
We were happy about all the little things in Life..

If the sun was out, we played in the garden.. We made sleepovers.. we talked.. we had fun.. we bought us some snacks and were sitting outside.. we walked down the streets.. we had some ''good'' friends.. every small thing made us happy.. or should I say we really enjoyed the time we had..

and now, look at us.. look at this kind of society we live in..
Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, twitter, tumblr etc.
Its now a big part of our Life...and if you would ask me if I could live without it? -I don't think so.. and I have to admit that i was at a part of my Life where Instagram was the main reason why I started to hate myself.. everything and everyone was so damn perfect.. and if i saw someone pretty, I felt like I have to look the same..

I mean its good if you get inspired to change your style, or your look in general.. but if it comes to your own health.. than you have to be careful..

It all started with losing weight, since I wasnt enough! .. not enough for me, not enough for the boy i used to like, not enough for anybody.. I just wasn't enough.. thats what I thought.. or felt.

Every damn day I saw different pictures of those perfect creatures..
but okay.. I was just inspired or motivated to change my life..

with that being said.. I guess I don't have to tell you how that ended.. of course not good at all..

To be honest I didn't want to talk about this.. but this is just how everything started.. just by looking at pictures on social media..
I used to be a happy girl - and now? it's taken away from me
I used to have friends! - Where are they now?
I was depressed - every damn day
I cried - all the time
I loved to go out - Now i avoid people if i have the opinion

Everything just changed from that part of my life..
Of course its better now and i learned from it..and I accept myself.. but its crazy what our society is doing out of us..
How it makes us feel miserable about ourselves when all we should is accept ourself and love ourselves.. we have to take care of ourselves.. and don't treat ourself like shit, or hate everything on us..

I love Instagram and I will still use it ( nada_bu )
but never compare your beautiful self to anybody else..

Everyone is beautiful on their own way.. you have something, that someone doesn't have.. appreciate it.. you are your own kind of beautiful and you should be proud of it..

and if you feel lonely or alone.- So what? do it for You.
You are worth it.

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