welcome back! I wanted to tell you a bit more about my past.
even though everything on the internet seems like instagram and twitter or we heart it, so perfect. those are just bits that you see and those photos or pieces of text do not tell anyone's truth.
like me, a while ago I was in a whole negative period of my life. I often quarreled with my parents, I walked away, or cried for hours. I had a lot of heavy panic attacks and I always kept quiet throughout the day until I was with my boyfriend, if i had a panic attack he would just hold me and not let me go he never said anything, he would just hold me and i slowly calmed down. that is only a small part of my past,i did go trough alot more. it can't always be positive. after that period a period of maybe 7 years, everything changed my parents are happy now and me too! I do the things that I love the most and enjoy every single day

if you are going trough a hard time, stay strong.

thats all for now,
goodbye everyone