Mum, I feel anxious
I feel nervous
I feel afraid
I feel like my emotions aren't in service

Mum, I feel scared
I feel tense
I feel on edge
I feel like this just doesn't make sense

Mum, I feel timid
I feel shy
I feel distressed
I feel like all I want to do is cry

Mum, I feel lonely
I feel deserted
I feel empty
I feel like all this ain't worth it

Mum, I feel lost
I feel hopeless
I feel vain
I feel like everyone thinks it's just stress

Mum, I feel trapped
I feel stranded
I feel stuck
I feel like I've been abandoned

The thing is mum,
I cant make you understand
The way I feel is hard to describe
There's this tightening in my chest
Every once in a while
It makes me so upset
sometimes depressed
It doesn't happen all the time
but when it does it hurts
It can happen in the daylight
or when the moon shines through the dark
It will go again in a couple days
but it will always leave its mark.

this is extremely different to what i normally post but its very personal to me and something that i want to spread awareness about.

Everyone gets anxious. Its an instinct we have. But sometimes some people over think things more than others. Sometimes we worry more. Sometimes we get scared easily. And sometimes it makes us feel isolated from the world.

I feel like Anxiety is being talked about more but we still feel scared to talk to our closest and dearest about it. I remember telling my mum one morning after I'd had a panic attack. I wasn't scared about her judging me but the fact that she might not even understand.

And she did.

We think of all these things in our minds and we stress ourselves out about it and all the "WHAT IFS" that circulate in our brain. So "WHAT IF" my mum didn't understand, she's my mum and she'll always love me.

At the end of the day we all experience different things but you are NEVER ALONE.
Someone will ALWAYS be in the same boat as you.
Keep that head up and show your anxiety that you won't let it get you down TODAY!