i've got this idea from other whi users, and i liked it so much. so i decided to do another challange:

how i look like
aesthetic, girl, and green image flowers image
dark short curly hair, grey to green eyes, curvy body, wears glasses bc of bad vision, full-ish lips, gets sun-freckles
my style
aesthetic, asian, and fashion image clothes, aesthetic, and alternative image
kind of vintage, summer and spring are my seasons bc i don't really like layering over winter and autumn
summer, orange, and sunglasses image aesthetic, yellow, and art image
my fears
aesthetic, chic, and ete image aesthetic and books image
being forgotten, that we won't be able to fix the damage we've done to earth, not finding something i'm looking for all my life
my personality
delicious and food image coffee, yellow, and aesthetic image
timid and shy at first, introvert, friendly, speak my mind, honest, trustful, i often freak out over small things nobody notices, everything's about details, lgbtq+ :)
fruit, aesthetic, and peach image garden image
i absolutely love writing, tho one of my teacher think i probably shouldn't write
aesthetic, bedroom, and decor image Temporarily removed
becoming a writer or sth like that, maybe translator or interpretator, finding my soulmate, being happy and loving myself
what makes me happy
aesthetic, theme, and city image couple, love, and nature image
traveling (firenze is really beautiful), reading, writing, drawing, learning on my mistakes (idk why)
Temporarily removed 50s, 90s, and aesthetic image
roman holiday, starring audrey hepburn
favourite aritsts
Image removed bts, jungkook, and suga image
music artist: bts (if anyone want's to know: bias-taehyung)
Image removed art, book, and aesthetic image
traditional artists: vincent van gogh, claude monet, frida kahlo