It`s difficult to accept certain things in life and then move on while you prefer to just stop living. life will be much easier if you could choose what you want to be, so I tell you what and why I would like to be.

- Flower

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White or pink roses; I`m really in love with roses since I get for my tenth birthday pink roses got from my father.

- Fruit

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Cherrys are my favorite fruit. In the summer I eat always a lot of it.

- Place

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Dubai is my dream place

- Song

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Troye Sivan ft. Martin Garriz- There For You

- Accessory

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Every day I wear two rings because it feels like it gave me comfort to my hands

- Body part

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I can not imagine life without the most beautiful part of my body; my eyes.

- Clothes

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Every summer I wear crop tops

- Drink

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Starbucks; I have since two years ago an obession for Starbucks. Coca Cola: I was two year when I drink for the first time cola

- Color

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I do not really know why, but black combines with everything and everything in black is simpely so damn good

- Make up

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Lipstick was my first make up product. Even if you only have lipstick on, you look completely different, so I love it so much.

- Season

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I love every part of the summer: the sun, the feelings in it and the holiday

- Tv serie

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As you could read in my previous article, I really love 13rw while I not really like series. The topics in the series are pretty special, because we mainly try to "hide"

- School subject

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Everything is beautiful and good in English

- Element

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Fire: so strong, flammable and powerful. It is one of the things that I'm afraid of

- Animal

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Little tigers are so cute. When I was about six or seven years old, I took a picture with a tiger ever since I like tigers

- Flavour

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I love everything with mocha and hazelnut

- Movie character

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Cara Delevingne is a beautiful and funny woman. I wish I was as Margot mysterious, free and selfish.

- Andjeli

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