——Loneliness is the worst thing that could happen to a person. It’s so sad to not have somebody to ask you “what’s the matter?” When people don’t notice you’re absent, it really hurts your feelings. You feel like you are invisible. But it kills you feeling that you're unwanted. You know you have “friends” but they are like a stranger. They say you can tell them whatever you want to but you know they won’t understand. They won’t understand how you feel. And you realize that you are alone. You look in the mirror and just talk to yourself. You try to solve your problems but you can’t. You cry yourself to sleep. And nobody knows what happened that night, nobody cares. Sometimes the pain is so hard and you try to hurt yourself. Because you get out of control. You know it’s wrong but you still do it. "There is not a single word that could describe hurt in the whole world. The dullest knife just sawing back and forth. And ripping through the softest skin there ever was. But how were you to know?"