High school isn't a very important place. When you're going you think it's a big deal, but when it's over nobody really thinks it was great unless they're beered up.

For those of you who were wondering (and if not, then here's a piece of information for you), I am currently on Terminale, which would translate to my senior year in High School. I attend a French private high school, which means that I study under the french system. Now, the school is private because it is outside of France, but otherwise it would be public.

In this article I wanted show you what my school looks like, why it's different from others and how great it is to be able to go to a school like this. Mostly, I am looking for feedback from you guys to compare different school systems. Now, although I go to a French school and follow the french system, my school does not represent it properly since I live in Spain.

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1. Introduction

My school's motto has not changed much throughout history. 4 languages and 3 coultures. My school is a multilingual platform where kids can learn different languages from the age of 2. The diplomas that we get at the end of our education guarantee us being able to get into almost every european university, mostly in France and Spain. At the Lycée Français de Palma, students learn French, Spanish, Catalan (local language) and sometimes German if you're really feeling up to it.

The school is separated in four main buildings, which are set in different roads but still close to each other. Because the school was built very long time ago but kept growing, there was no other choise but to rent buildings around it to house all the new students.

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This is what the main building looks like and those are my classmates.


I wanted to talk about history, because I feel like its such an important thing. The school has been in place for about 45 years now, many things have happened since and I am very proud to say that my entire family had walked tthrough its doors, many generations. My mother was one of its first students, back when they were fours scattered teenagers, all with different ages. Then my sisters, who are now 38 and 41 years old, and me and now my 8 year old nephew. There is history behind this and I'm glad to say that this school is a family tradition.

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You'd say a teenager never sees the privilege, that no kid in their right mind loves high school, and it might be hard and horrible in general cause, who likes high school? But on days when we eat early and we get to eat icecream by the sea, I do believe I'm privileged. I am an eighteen year old who gets to eat icecream or even a smoothie with my feet danglint at the edge of the water before going back to class, and that is the moment when I realized how lucky I am.

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And that's it, I'm very proud of my school and I will continue this series of articles, but for now I'm just going to leave this here...
- Dahiandra