Day 5

“Write five facts about yourself”

5. I love flowers 💐

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I admit it, I’m a traditional person. A bunch of flowers and my heart is all yours... Ok, just kidding, I’m not that easy. But if any guy is reading this... a bouquet of flowers or just a single rose is a perfect detail for your girl 💕

I have a collection of flowers, if you want to check ;)

4. I can’t wait to study medicine 👩🏾‍⚕️

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Human anatomy is complexly beautiful and beautifully complex. I’m just obsessed with medicine.

3. I want to learn every existing language 🌎

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I know that’s imposible, but I want to learn as much as I can. Spanish is my native language, I’ve been learning english since I started school, and French since second grade. Now I’m learning german with an app called Duolingo and it’s really useful. I want to learn French, Portuguese, polish, etc...

2. I like drawing ✍️

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I’m not Picasso, yet it is something I really enjoy. I’m not that bad after all ;) Who knows? Maybe someday I will upload one of my drawings to WHI.

1. Ballet is my frustrated dream 🙆🏾‍♀️

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I used to practice ballet when I was younger. At that time, I didn’t like it. When my younger sister was born, I stopped ballet and went to NYC. When I came back, I basically forgot abou it. It’s been some years now, and now I realize I want to practice it, but it’s too late. At least I have another dream that I can accomplish and it’s playing the violin 🎻

The End 💕

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