Hi everyone, I saw this tag and I wanted to do this! So here it is. Enjoy beauty's. 😍

1. Who is your favorite female character?
Betty Cooper. She looks so natural. I love her, she is a great actor.

2. Who is your favorite male character?
Jughead Jones. Wow, he is so hot. I love his style in Riverdale.

3. Least favorite female character?
Penelope Blossom. I don't think she has a heart (in Riverdale ofcourse I don't know about real life lol).

4. Least favorite male character?
Clifford Blossom. I didn't like this character since the first episode lol.

5. Have you read the comics?
No, I dont have money for these comics. lol.

6. Favorite parents?
FP Jones. He looks so good. Help me.

7. Least favorite parents?
Who do you think? THE BLOSSOMS OFCOURSE!

8. Who do you ship the most?
BUGHEAD! I ship them in real life too. I think everyone does that. They look great. Love them.

9. Before finding out who killed Jason who did you think did it?
This question is so good. But I really didn't know. I felt so shocked when I knew it was his damn father.

10. I don't like the number nine so I just put a number ten here.
I love Riverdale!

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