hiya dolls!♡
i thought that instead of writing about beauty, fashion, lifestyle etc, i'd do something a bit more fun! i'm a hugeeee fan of disney and when i found this tag i knew i had to do it. this was created by colorful-cotton on tumblr :) ♡

1. favourite character♡

this isn't a hard one, my favourite disney character is marie from the aristocats! i've loved this film & her since i was very little. i'd watch it whenever i was sick :) and she's me as a cat!

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2. favourite princess♡

i really couldn't choose between rapunzel & ariel!

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3. favourite heroine♡

mulan, of course! she saved china & took her father's place in the war. GO GIRL!!

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4. favourite prince♡

i'm aware that he was a "spoilt little rich boy" (-tiana) at first, but who can resist his charming smile? quite possibly the first HOT prince

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5. favourite hero♡

hercules! a TRUE hero! a literal GOD. and risked his life for meg!

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6. favourite animal♡

thomas o'malley cat! i would put marie again but i shouldn't, so we'll say our 2nd cat ;)

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7. favourite sidekick♡

i'm not really sure, but i guess flounder? he's so sweet to ariel, i want one.

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8. favourite villain♡

dr facilier! he's AMAZING

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9. favourite original character♡


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10. favourite song♡

friend like me!

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11. favourite love song♡


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12. favourite villain song♡

friends on the other side, because everything he says literally happens! he says "it's the green you need", hinting that he'll turn him into a frog, but of course the prince thinks he means money ;)

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13. least favourite song♡

hakuna matata makes me sick

14. favourite kiss♡

no doubt about it.. when flynn wakes up in tangled!

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15. the first movie i saw♡

i won't lie, i have no idea, but i'm sure it would have been something like cinderella or beauty and the beast. i remember watching the emperors new groove very young though lol!

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16. favourite classic♡

peter pan :)

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17. least favourite classic♡

SNOW WHITE IS HORRIFIC! I remember not minding it when i was little but as i've gotten older i hate it even more. swiftly moving on.

18. favourite pixar film♡

there are way too many!! my favourites are: (all blue apparently)

woody, toy story, and buzz image disney, dory, and finding nemo image monsters inc image inside out, joy, and sadness image

19. least favourite pixar film♡

it's not bad at all, but i guess wall-e never interested me.

Image by edavega

20. favourite sequel♡

i don't really like sequels, i think they ruin the first movie, but we all love the sequels to toy story :)

andy, toy story, and woody image

21. most underrated movie♡

it's not really underrated, but aristocats could have a bit more attention!

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22. most overrated movie♡

two films. the lion king and the jungle book. both are WAY too overrated.

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23. a movie that makes me laugh♡

the lion king. i laugh AT it.

24. a movie that makes me cry♡

i wouldn't say i cry at it, i'm usually quite tough with films, but the part where ralph breaks vanellope's car makes me so so sad! :( and when she's stuck :(

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25. my favourite scene from my favourite movie♡

i have so many favourite disney movies, but i'll go with moana as i haven't mentioned her yet and i was SOOO obsessed when it came out. my favourite scene from moana is the scene where maui has gone and moana is left alone on her boat. yes, it's sad and i probably should have put this for the film that makes me cry lol. BUT when her grandma appears (omgomgomg) as a sting ray and she starts singing "i am moana" it makes me so happy it's INCREDIBLE and so well done.

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26. saddest death♡

ughh this is a hard one, but nutsy's death in the lady and the tramp is pretty sad! so glad i didn't understand it as a kid :(

27. favourite quote♡

disney, mulan, and lockzscreen image
"The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all.” - mulan

28. favourite theme park♡

this doesn't make sense because i don't like water slides & stuff, but definitely typhoon lagoon. i really love the lazy river!! my family & i were on rings and we all joined together so we blocked up the river... oops lol. so funny though, especially when someone fell off and we lost them! we were (no pun intended) wetting ourselves with laughter!! i also love the feel there, very island-like ;) the pictures here are of it!! i'm very sorry for blocking the ride.. there were literally like 20 of us.

mickey mouse, orlando, and Walt Disney World image disney world, mickey mouse, and orlando image disney world, florida, and mickey mouse image summer, water, and fun image

29. favourite theme park attraction♡

lazy river, like i said! a fun, fabulous tour of the park.

30. favourite theme park show♡

the epcot fireworks!! love at first sight for me ;) i love that they're over a lake. i also really enjoy the classic fireworks at magic kingdom.

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thank you for reading!
love, mads♡