Hi Mom, I am forced to write this letter basically because of the situation we are currently experiencing.
I just want to tell you that you read this and don't cry for me, join our fight and fight to the end like I did.
Don't make my cousins and friends cloistered nuns, on the contrary, propose to them to go out whenever they can to defeat our great monster, the patriarchy.
Don't cry, don't be sorry for letting me go out alone that saturday night, I want you to go out on the street to claim our rights, to shout for me, for yourself and for all those who ended up like me.
Unfortunately, that was my end, a few days in the press and forgotten forever by the majority. Like Diana Quer or Marta del Castillo. I'm sure people will be tired of hearing how women die, but we're not really dying, we're actually being murdered. Those of you who hopefully is still alive are gradually being killed with the same comments as the typical "Pull down your skirt" or the "Don't you have a long neckline?"That one never fails.