This article is going to be all about, well, me!
Hope you like it ♡

♡ Name ♡

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My name is Josefin which means "the beautiful soul".

♡ Style ♡

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My style is very 90's grunge inspired.

♡ Zodiac Sign ♡

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I'm a virgo which apparently means I'm observant, reliable and precise.

♡ Colors ♡

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♡ Food ♡

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♡ Animals ♡

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I'm a cat person but I'm also weirdly obsessed with pugs and pomeranians.

♡ Series ♡

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Stranger Things, Friends, Pretty Little Liars & The Walking Dead are some of my favorites.

♡ Music ♡

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The 1975 and Green Day are my favorite bands and I love Taylor Swift, especially her older stuff.

♡ Passions/Hobbies ♡

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Music, baton twirling, makeup and fashion.

That's my article, thanks for reading!

Josie ♡