Madison Beer has always been someone I get inspiration from, everything about her from her style to her voice fascinates me. So I've decided to share with you the 7 things I like the most about her.

1. Her style

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She makes everything look bomb, even a simple shirt. The way she styles it with gold jewelry makes the entire outfit amazing. She isn't underdressed nor overdressed, just perfect. Another great thing about her style is that she wears clothing pieces that are easy to find dupes for, for example, you can find a similar black band tee for an affordable price Brandy Melville and create the same look.

2. hairstyle

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No matter what time it is, her hair looks amazing. She can pull off any hairstyle and haircut from bangs to buns she slays. If you're tired of your same old hairstyle just scroll through her Instagram page, you won 't be disappointed.

3. Her music

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Everything from the lyrics to the melody is unique. Her music is like a getaway for me, her music ranges from sad, calming songs to upbeat lit songs. Her music taste is impressive, she made me discover so many beautiful underrated songs like a teenager's romance by Ricky Nelson.

4. Her love for fans

beauty, fans, and icon image

I don't even need to comment on this picture, It's too cute, and everyone can see the love she has for fans. :)))))))

Have a great day dudes ;).