I really wanted to talk about other things, but here I am, talking about you.There are no words to describe how I feel right now, but I know one thing
I hate you.
''Everything happens for a reason''. I don't believe in things like this, but it's the only thing that makes me stop worrying about what happened and the only thing that stops me from crying.It hurts to know that you weren't enough when all you wanted for a person was for them to be happy and ok.Everyone tells me that you treated me poorly and you weren't good enough for me.All this time I defended you in front of everybody.I found excuses for your behavior.Now it's all clear.It took me forever to understand that some relationships don't work in life and that being a teenager really sucks.You were one of the people that I trusted the most and I loved you.The last few weeks were about you.I tried so hard to help you out and make you smile again, but you told me to fuck off because you didn't need me.You didn't bother to answer my text messages and I believed that..that's how you do.And it hurts me.Why would you do this to me?
When all I wanted was to be your friend.