1. Waking up before your alarm
2. Using colourful post-its or pens
3. Seeing your dog after a long day
4. Closing all the tabs after finishing a long project
5. A warm bath
6. A nice tan
7. Watching a bath bomb defuse in the water
8. Eating watermelon on hot summer day
9. Watching the colours change in autumn
10. Drinking hot chocolate on a snowy day
11. Walking by the beach
12. Birds chirping
13. Getting a nice warm hug
14. Getting your nails done
15. Feeling the winds breeze on your face
16. Watching the sun set
17. Falling asleep to the sound of rain
18. Seeing a rainbow
19. Finding a coin on the floor
20. Having someone hold the door for you
21. Getting a massage
22. Taking a beautiful picture
23. Reading an inspiring quote
24. Your favourite show coming back from hiatus
25. A hot shower
26. Fresh flowers
27. Lighting a candle
28. Nostalgia from hearing an old song you forgot about on the radio
29. A package finally arriving
30. Feeling of accomplishment after a workout
31. Back to school shopping
32. Finding money you left in your clothes
33. Going for a walk
34. Reading by the beach
35. Being surrounded in cozy blankets
36. Petting a cute dog
37. Singing your favourite songs in the car
38. An artist you like releasing a new album
39. Finding new music you like
40. The relief of not having cracked your phone after dropping it
41. People asking for your advice
42. Wearing matching underwear
43. Sprinkles, confetti and glitter
44. Your fork gliding through your first bite of dessert
45. Jumping in the pool
46. Going to bed without setting an alarm for the next day
47. Fresh bed sheets
48. Taking out laundry while it’s still warm
49. Laughing with your friends
50. Waking up in the middle of the night and realizing you still have hours of sleep before your alarm
51. Swinging on a swing
52. Being trusted with a secret
53. Seing old couples who are still inlove
54. Waking up feeling good about yourself
55. Having deep a deep conversation with someone else
56. Exchanging a smile with a stranger
57. Hitting all the green lights
58. Getting a fresh hair cut
59. Blowing bubbles
60. Baking cookies and cupcakes
61. Getting compliments on your outfit
62. That peaceful feeling after a yoga class
63. Rubbing shaved legs against your bed sheets
64. Getting a full plate of the food your ordered
65. Putting on a cozy sweater
66. Popping bubble wrap
67. The first snow of the season
68. Holding a newborn baby
69. Feeling the warmth of the sun on your skin
70. Wearing a new outfit for the first time
71. Driving around to see Christmas decorations
72. Making s’mores on a camp fire
73. Drinking water when you’re thirsty
74. Playing with sparklers
75. Looking up at the stars
76. Talking to family
77. The smell of fresh bread
78. Driving with the windows down and the music loud
79. Having ice cream
80. Good things happening to people you care about
81. Getting treats from others on holidays
82. Wiggling your toes in the sand
83. Feeling the vibrations through your body when the music is really really loud
84. Flipping through a picture album
85. Setting a new goal
86. Throwing out all the papers at the end of a school year
87. Buying balloons
88. Eating orange slices
89. Finally eating food you’ve been craving
90. Being upgraded to first class
91. Having good hair the next day
92. Decorating your home
93. Putting lip balm on chapped lips
94. Washing your face with warm water
95. Stepping on a crunchy leaf
96. Eating and feeling healthy
97. Popping a pimple
98. Getting a good stretch when you’re feeling soar
99. Plans getting cancelled when you didn’t wanna go in the first place
100. Doing something new

- k