Ok so I'll be writting the introduction to this new "section" in spanish cause lol I'm not too pro at english.

Muchos de los me conocen, saben mi amor por el arte y como me encanta compartirlo con los demás. Por eso decidí hacer esta cosa aquí.
Todas las semanas estaré compartiendo un artista de cualquier género -arte visual, literario, escénico, etc.- y mis obras favoritas de ellos.

Ps: This article doesn't contain personal information of each artist. It's just my favorites works from them. Enjoy


This week I've brought you my favorite rock band of all time; Smashing Pumpkins


  • mayonaise
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"Pick your pockets full of sorrow, run away with me tomorrow, June."
  • stand inside your love
billy corgan, james iha, and jimmy chamberlin image
"And for the first time I'm telling you how much I need and bleed for your every move and waking sound in my time. I'll wrap my wire around your heart and your mind. You're mine forever now."
  • soothe ♡
alternative, band, and billy corgan image
"I'll miss you and I wish you luck. Well, I forgive you and I don't wish you away, away... It'll almost break you, almost take you, almost break you, almost break you up."
  • pug
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"Inside where it's warm wrap myself in you. Outside where I'm torn fight myself in two. In two... Into you."
  • annie dog
girl, bass, and the smashing pumpkins image
"Amphetamine Annie-dog. Pulls her trash and her stories from place to place, and bed to bed."
  • crush
90s, bass, and grunge image
"And this feeling shivers down your spine. Love comes in colors I can't deny... All that matters is love, love, your love."
  • one diamond, one heart
90's, alternative, and band image
"They won't rush you from me 'cause here I'll always be. I'm always on your side, forever near your light."
  • for martha
Image by Roberta
"Your picture out of time, feft aching in my mind, shadows kept alive. If you have to go, don't say goodbye. If you have to go, don't you cry. If you have to go, I will get by... Someday I'll follow you and see you on the other side."
  • by starlight
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"By starlight I'll kiss you and promise to be your one and only. I'll make you feel happy and leave you to be lost in mine And where will we go, what will we do? Soon said I will know. Dead eyes are you just like me? Because her eyes were as vacant as the seas."
  • lily
90's, alternative, and black and white image
"And when I'm with her I feel fine. If I could kiss her I wouldn't mind the time it took to find... My lily, my one and only, I can hardly wait till I see her. Oh lily, I know you love me, because as they're draggin me away... I swear I saw her raise her hand and wave goodbye."
  • 1979
band, music, and smashing pumpkins image
"I know you better than you fake it to see that We don't care to shake these zipper blues and We don't know just where our bones will rest to dust I guess forgotten and absorbed into the earth below."

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