Our story began at a little mall in our town. I went to that mall without the intention of meeting someone who I would deeply fall for. You see, one of my friends at the time wanted to meet up with some guy that she met on some dating website. Of course, her being skeptical, wanted me to tag along just in case it was a meet-up gone wrong. I agreed just for the sake of safety for my friend. We sat in the food court waiting for the guy to show up - a tad bit nervous because who's to say this guy is actually some predator? And there he was, he was the man that was depicted in his profile picture. His name was Alex. Funny thing is, Alex also had a friend who tagged along (I am assuming for the same reason as us). And it was that moment where sparks flew between his friend and I.
I learned his name was Trevor - A freckled face strawberry-blonde boy who was very shy.
I was 15 years old at the time. I was very naive, very awkward, and had little experience with boys.
Trevor showed his interest in me with a mediocre flirting technique: he'd tapped my shoulder and pretend it wasn't him. Once it was time to go, I knew my friend and Alex did not hit it off. It was rather awkward; however, it was as if me agreeing to tag along to meet Alex was meant to be because there was something between me and Trevor.
I showed up to his 16th birthday party a month later. We held hands as we walked in the neighborhood, and I hugged him before I left. He told me that I gave him butterflies which I thought was really sweet.
Fast-forward to five months later, Trevor was comforting me in my bedroom because I was upset. Thunder rumbled outside and lightning struck. As naive as I was, I made the first move: our first kiss. It was certainly a passionate kiss; it was a kiss that really meant something. From here, our story really took off.
We finished high school together with Trevor graduating in 2016 and I followed one year behind. We made many friends and memories there. It was like your typical teenage relationship you see in movies: he'd give me a kiss before each class, take me to and fro home, and would write me short love letters.
For my graduation, I planned a trip to Ocho Rios, Jamaica as a way of celebrating this new chapter in life. My family as well as Trevor's family flew to Jamaica to enjoy the beautiful waters and just the togetherness of one another. One of those nights, we planned to have dinner on the water. I dressed elegantly: a cute summer dress, subtle make-up, and straight hair. We went out on the beach at our resort for some pictures. As my brother took pictures of me and Trevor, I turned around to see something that made my heart explode.
There he was. Down on one knee with a stunning diamond ring presented to me. I could not help but cry. This man wants to make me his wife. This man wants to spend the rest of his life with me.
Trevor, now 20 years old, and I, 19 years old, are planning the wedding of our dreams: a beach wedding in North Carolina.
The thing is, of course we have quarrels during our relationships. We laugh. We cry. But no matter how mad or upset we are with each other, it makes us stronger in the end. I will never give up on Trevor. I will always be by his side, no matter what. Trevor, I love you more than life itself. You make me feel like a woman. You make me want to be the best wife in the world. I love you more than you will ever know.

- Alanna