Today I’m going to do an article of my favourite fictional characters! They are from films, books, and tv shows that I like :)

Newt from The Maze Runner

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I love Newt because he’s really kind and cares a lot about his friends. He’s also very brave and without him, some of the gladers wouldn’t have survived.

Tris Prior from Divergent

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Tris is one of my favourite characters because she’s very strong and I like how her character develops through the story. If she wants something she’ll fight for it & she’s a good role model.

Stiles Stilinski from Teen Wolf

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I love Stiles as he’s really funny and always makes me laugh. He is very clever and cares a lot about his friends, and despite being the only human he helps those around him.

Jacob Black from Twilight

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Jacob is a funny person and he brings happiness to those around him. I like how he says what he thinks and he’s always there to protect the ones he loves.

Clay Jensen from 13 reasons why

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I really like Clay because he’s quite shy and a really sweet person. He has good intentions and wants everyone to be kind to each other, despite what happened to his crush, Hannah.

Hermione Granger from Harry Potter

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I love Hermione because she’s very clever and independent. She’s a really strong female character who is brave and cares about her friends.

James from The end of the fucking world

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Although at the beginning of the show James is a bit crazy and unusual, I love how he changes throughout the story. He’s really sweet and shy and I like how he sacrifices himself for Alyssa (I hope he didn’t die though).

Jack Dawson from Titanic

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Even though Jack is poor, he is a really happy and positive person. I like how he tries to find the good in everyone and he’s kind and sweet.

These are only a few of my favourites, although I have many more :)