I am writing an article with some facts about myself.

1) my name is maria
2) i am from georgia but i live in greece

Georgia and tbilisi image Greece, people, and sea image

3) I have a dog his name is bruno

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4) i loveee taking photos

starbucks, coffe, and foto image america, clouds, and fantastic image
i love it soo muchh

5) i love listening music

music, room, and grunge image

6) i am good at school

school and study image motivation, study, and studying image

7)my favourite subject in school is maths

8)I like to read books

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9)my dream is to be a doctor

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10) i lovee chocolate and ice cream

chocolate, food, and nutella image ice cream, food, and summer image

11) i love roses

flowers, rose, and red image flowers and roses image

12)i like drawing

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13) i love planets

illustration, planet, and instagram image

17) i want to travel all over the world

tattoo, travel, and world image airplane, tattoo, and avión image

18) I adore sunsets

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19) my dream car is bmw

Image by Lorrayn Something Image removed

20) i am playing volleyball

volleyball image volleyball image

I hope you guys enjoyed it.Thank you for reading.
(I'm sorry for the mistakes) :)))