Because I want to be basic, too... I'm just kidding.
I think this a creative idea to get to know people better.


I’m 16, I'll be 17 on August 3rd.

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movie: The Purge
series: Gravity Falls and Stranger Things

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(B)iggest fear

Not being successful (failure)

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(C)urrent time

10:31pm, time for my tv show and foood.

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(D)rink I last had


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(E)very day starts with

If It is a school day, the first thing I do is to take a shower.

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(F)avorite color

Yellow, white, black and red.

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(G)rossest memory

I hate throwing up (idk why), I don't mind watching someone else throwing up (that's not gross for me). I just hate when I do it, so whenever I've thrown up I would consider it as a gross memory.


I'm 5'4" (162.5 cm).

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(I)n love with


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(J)ealous of

Talented people.

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(K)indest person

Ellen DeGeneres

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(L)ast time I cried

2 days ago

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''Be yourself''

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(N)umber of siblings

I have 5 siblings (2 sisters and 3 brothers).

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(O)ne wish

Be able to achieve all my goals.

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(P)erson you last called

My mom.

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(Q)uestiong you are always asked

''Why do you have to scream?'' and ''Why do you laugh like that?''

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(R)easons to smile

Friends, food, netflix and alcohol (alcohol+friends= the best thing when you are sad af)

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(S)ong you last sang

Do re mi by Blackbear ft Gucci Mane

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(T)ime you woke up

11:57 am

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(U)nderwear color


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(V)acation place

I want to go to Argentina (YAS, again), Moscow, New York, LA, Rome, Dubái, Rio de Janeiro, and so fucking many more.

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(W)orst habbit

Being SO lazy, not drinking enough water, not controlling my diet, touching my face.

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(X)-rays I've had

1. Two days ago I had one of my mouth because a long time ago I kind of break half of my teeth (It's not noticeable but It hurts when I eat something sweet) and also because I need braces.
2. Last year I had one of my neck and back because of something really stupid, I was a little bit drunk and I was like hanging on a pillar in my friends house and lost control and felt on my neck.

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(Y)our favorite food

Pizza, nuggets and french fries.

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(Z)odiac sign


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