All women have the need for salvation of a princess.

When we are little they tell us that princesses don' t exist and, maybe, because of that we are so anxious to become one.

As much as others put everything to dissuade us, at some point, we want to be Ariel.

The little Mermaid

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A woman who leaves her family, transforms her identity and gives up her voice to go behind a man.

A woman who, having the sea as home, loses her ass for a sailor who sees a late afternoon smiling from prow.

And the truth is that nobody asked Ariel, if in her education all the histories were finishing with a happy end and began with a woman in trouble.

Nobody justified it or tried to understand why. And much less, someone asks her if it was worth it.

We, sadly, are born sucking from there.

Of princesses who find their charming prince that saves them from life.

From Ariel to Mulan the same message.

It's the same as you are a princess or a warrior, your luck doesn' t reside in being a woman.

And I can put my hand on fire and I don't burn in saying that no one ever asked Snow White what she thought of working for seven men or if she wanted to be awakened from his dream.

And who did it all? of course, a man

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The sleeping beauty? also a man.

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And I think I remember that Odette, the swan princess, is also rescued by a kiss, a love, yes, that of a man.

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Jasmine, locked in a palace, run by men.

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Fiona, is locked up for being ugly, rescues her a kiss, a love, yes, that of a man.

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Rapunzel, locked up for being beautiful, rescues her, casually, a man.

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Emerald mistreated by men

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And now ask yourselves what would be of Bella if the beast had't prey it; would she fall in love anyway?

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That if all were happily ever after

They all wanted a Hercules or a Tarzan and be, happily and enviable, happy.

Well, now try to blame me for waiting.

For wanting to be a princess, for looking for someone to save me from the highest keep in the highest tower.

We all struggle for an unlearning of everything we have learned, for leaving aside the rose, the crystal heels, the kisses at midnight, for not looking for that ideal world.

For getting off myself from the tower

"It took me quite a long time to develop a voice, and now that I have it, I am not going to be silent."
— Madeleine Albright
see you soon beauties