hello hello hello!! how have you been? i am so sorry for being away but it's because i started college :): i mean, i love college but the first week was hard and now i found a little time to post something so let's begin.

first of all, you don't have to be afraid. tbh, the first day of classes i panic because it's a new world and i was afraid that i was going to get lost but i didn't. don't overthink. just enjoy your first day and don't be afraid, everyone is as afraid as you :)

then, find a good sit. college is not as same as school. the teacher will not tell you "you are about to fail" they basically don't care about you so i recommend to find a good sit so you can focus and pay attention in class.

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do every fucking exercise that the teacher gives you. don't stop practicing because the teacher said "the homework is until exercise 8". DO NUMBER 10, 11, 12, etc. and remember, everything counts.

keep your notebook as you want. now i use a black pen and sky blue highlighter and omg, i really love it. so… if you love it and understand it then do it. your notebook will be your exam literally. because everything you write down, will help you to pass the test.

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remember that you don't know anyone. i think that step is really important. you can start again in college because - if you are lucky - everyone will be a new person to you. but don't forget that everything you say will represent what kind of person you are. for example, don't talk bad about someone with your class knowing that now all of them know you because first impressions are important in college.

don't forget that if you are doing it it's because you love it. my first week was really stressful and the second day i was like "how people are famous even tho they don't go to college?!?!?!" i was like, that's unfair. i am killing myself studying and just because they sing or dance or record themselves are famous, like wtf bro. but i mean, if i am studying is because i want something that they don't find necessary so yeah… remember that.

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don't be afraid of making mistakes. college is about making mistakes and learn about them. it's not the same as school because in college you had your friends and teachers that could help you to figured it out something but in college you have no one but still don't be afraid of making mistakes. we are humans. and we learn from ours.

don't feel blue if you fail an exam. exams are difficult. but don't feel bad if you fail even tho you studied hard. you should feel bad if you didn't study and you fail. and if you fail, don't think "this career is not for me" like don't. please. a grade is not going to define how good you are.

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i think, this is the end of the post. and don't forget. YOU. CAN. DO. IT.

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see you on another post, bye :)x

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