WARNING : i don't write it for people to have pity on me or anything, but just because i want to share with you my "experience" about the heart broken and give you some advices.

my boyfriend broke up one month ago. i write a letter (that i will never send) to him. now, i feel better (even if i still cry when i think about him) and i'm in love again ! i'm not in a relationship, but i have a crush (i will talk about it in an article, in the form of poem). what i say, it just that you will be happy again. when you have a heartbroken, you feel like the world was just destroying itself around you, that you would never be happy again. but you will be better day by day.
now, i'm gonna give you some advices to get over a heartbreak.


cry. cry until you can't cry anymore. it's the best way to evacuate all the feelings.
after 1 month that he left me, i still cry when i think about him. it can take a long time before you don't cry anymore when you think about him/her.


block him/her everywhere. snapchat, instagram, twitter, facebook. delete his/her number, even if you know by heart. and don't do like me, throw away all his/her stuffs and gifts. but keep one or two pictures.


talk with your friends, family, me (lol (no serious, come if you need to)). seriously, it's very important. don't keep everything for you.


you probably think that it's your fault, you weren't enough and that you will never be able to love anyone else. it's not true. i promise i will love somebody else. with time, you will overcome that. you're strong.

okay, my advices are not the best, but.... i hope you nver have to know what a heartbreak is and if you're living a heart broken, come talk with me, i'm here.

i love you all guys, you're amazing.
xoxo -lyse