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I think I'm fond of writing articles! It is very heavy...
First of all I hope you like these ideas to create a movie sleepover with your friends ♥

➳ 1. Number of friends you have invited

Basically in a sleepover you invite only those people who are for you something very important and who are to be trusted...
-So the peolpe who will attend your sleepover will be your best friends.

↳Normally the number of guests is usually five or six people but if you want to invite some more, nothing happens...but! at the end the number of guests has to be even.

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➳ 2. In what part of my house do I do the sleepover?

If you live in a house that has a garret , it is perfect to make the party there! it's big,spacious and intimate since your parents won't hear you talk about the boys you like ;)
But if you live in an apartment you can always do it in your living room.

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➳ 3. Dinner?

This is very easy! you can:
-order pizzas -make hot dogs -fry french fries
Always fatty food (don't kid yourself...this type of foood makes us fall in love)

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➳ 4. Activities to don't get bored

Many times it happens that there comes a time that you don't know what to do... this helps to continue with the good vibes thar are
↳ play cards or some kind of board game | pillow fight | dance | make hairstyles | paint your nails | .....

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➳ 5. Sleep?

It depends on how your friends are crazy! Mny like to stay up until dawn.
So I recommend you drink coffe If you want to stay awake or watch a movie marathon / or NETFLIX

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➳ 6. In the morning

The sleepover is over but you can do more!
To spend the last hours together make the best breakfast and have a great time becuase it's almost over.

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