I was a daisy, small and fragile,
innocent and naive
but I thought I made you smile,
at least that's what I used to believe...

I knew it was too good to be true,
and you would quickly find someone new
Then, in a little while, you saw a rose
and you dropped me, I froze.

I was very stupid, I suppose,
why would you choose to keep a daisy over a rose ?

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poem by @kalialexa , we heart it

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I wrote this poem a few days ago but just now that I searched to find if there already is such poem I realized that there is some familiar one, with the same idea so I'll just add it here ..
maybe I've read it before but forgot. I didn't try to copy it, I swear I found it just now. It's an amazing poem and I'm definitely gonna check out more of their poems :)

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