Talk to your friends

You don’t need to be surrounded by friends all the time. And you don’t need a boyfriend/girlfriend to cure you of loneliness. All you need is a few really good friends or family, people who really understand you and whom you can talk to. Make time to hang out or keep in touch with them from time to time!

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Relax! Find happiness in your alone time

Don’t be afraid of the idea of being alone. Everyone will be alone at some points in their lives. It’s a time to find out more about yourself, to focus more on yourself, and to accomplish things you’ve always wanted to do. You will grow to be more independent, stronger, and more carefree if you can find solace in your alone time.

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Try exercising

Exercising can do miracles in lifting your blue mood. It will also make you feel more motivated, more social, and not to mention build you a healthier body. Once you get moving, you will realize how many other things you can achieve!

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Pick up a hobby

You’ve always wanted to try to learn the guitar, or get more into photography, but you’ve never had the time nor the focus. Why not do it now? When you’re feeling alone, or when you have some free time, dedicate it to a hobby! Time is so valuable, so don’t spend it in feeling down, use it to do something you love.

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Dedicate yourself to work

If you want to find an amazing career for yourself, why not use your alone time for your future career? Take time to work on a serious project that could build your career. Put some energy into your work. Work is not your life, but if you engage in it more, it can become something that you truly feel proud about! Remember, a lot of success and accomplishment comes from silent, lonely, hard work.

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Take care of yourself

Whether it means learning to cook healthy meals for yourself, or buying some new clothes that you deserve, treat yourself to something! Alone time is the perfect time to not worry about other people’s troubles and just be happy focusing on yourself. Knowing how to take care of yourself is also the basis of independence and maturity.

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Try volunteering

If you need social connection, try volunteering. It connects you to your community and gives you an opportunity to help others. When you offer your hand and your smile to another, you will receive the same friendship. You will feel less lonely for sure!

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You only have this one life, it’s up to you to make it better. No one else can do it. So don’t bury yourself in sentiments and sadness!

XX Love, Lindsey XX

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