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I'm in 9th grade right now, the school year is over in 112 days...
Next year I will be gratuating...
And obviously it's just me, but I feel like there are 15 months between now and when it is gonna be time to say goodbye and that is quiet a long time, in my opinoin.

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The thing is not everyone thinks the same.
To be honest every single one of my classmates is stessing around, already.
And that is so fucking scary to me, because I don't know, I just don't wanna think about the day, I will be walking out of school the very last time.

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Another thing is prom, which we will have on our graduation day, next year.
They started to built couples ONE YEAR AGO!
Come on, that's a little too ealry, isn't it?
I'm sure, in the end nothing is gonna be like they had planned it!

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So what I actually wanna say is, that I want to enjoy the last months, which I will spend in school and not really think about the future, especially not when it scares me...
And I mean time is passing so fast, I just want to live in the moment.