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Hi everybody! I'm Ab here with my latest article. As I write studyblr articles, I thought - why not write a 'how to make a studyblr' article? And so, here I am - with this guide!

This article series will have three articles, in which I will give detailed tips on this topic. In this article I'll be writing and giving tips on how to set a studyblr. Let's begin!

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I hope all you beautiful young women are amazing as always. Thank you for choosing to read this!
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PartⅠ - setting up a studyblr.

I recommend starting your studyblr with weheartit or tumblr and expanding to more social medias slowly. After giving important info and signing up, start.

  • 1- choose a name.
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Choosing a name is highly important, as that's what people judge you by and that's the thing that makes people decide whether or not to check out your account and profile.

There are a lot of ways to create names for your studyblr. Mostly people take their name or any desired item or subject and put it at the beginning or end of any name format. The format to creating one is below.

The '_' shows where your desired name, item or subject should be.

  • _studies.
  • study_.
  • _scholar.
  • studies_.
  • _study.

and so on.

Below are some ideas for items to put in in the place of the '_'

  • Your hogwarts house.
  • Your favourite subject.
  • Your name.
  • Your zodiac sign.
  • Your favourite fictional character.
  • Your favourite coffee.
  • Your favourite food (dessert, fruits, or any meal.)

and so on.

  • 2- choose an icon.
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An icon is also of great importance, as that's what people see along with your name. There are many great icon ideas, such as -

You can use any efficient app, such as Canva, to make a photo with your studyblr name in it, or you can use some studyblr icon photos which users create specifically for this purpose (and are available for free on tumblr), or you can use any studyblr photo, either original or not. Just make sure it looks good and gives off your account's main idea and vibe!

  • 3- Beautify your profile.
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Now that people have decided to check out your account, the first thing they will see will be your profile. Make sure it's pretty and has a good main idea and vibe.

Write an elegant but efficient bio and a good header, and then progress onto the colour and vibe of your account. Go for one or two shades of colour, and decorate your account with the colour's shades. (i.e if it's pale blue, stick with light and nearly white shades of blue.) Adding some sudyblr photos to put together your account's topic and meaning is also important.

If you're using tumblr, choose a nice and efficient theme, that's pretty, easy to work with, perfect for studyblr content and lets you access nice features. If you're using weheartit, heart or upload some studyblr photos for your canvas, and choose the 'just right' photos for your profile pic and cover photo.

  • 4- use extra features -
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For studyblrs, there is a great amount of features which you can put in use and which will help your content to be easier to upload and to be more easy to find.

For tumblr users, I recommend making an introduction post in which you list information about yourself and your account. Typically, people use this listed format -

  • About me (under this, you tell about yourself, typically name, age, what you're studying, what you're interested in and basic personality facts.)
  • Why I am creating a studyblr (under this, you list why you're making a studyblr.)
  • Studyblrs that motivate me (under this, you write names of other studyblrs you appreciate.)

And so on! Remember that you can always be creative, but this is the format most people use with more details and possibly more headings. Also, tumblr users track their name's hashtag, plus they are used to making original containers to access different stuff on their blog, so make sure that you use this format too!

For weheartit users, I recommend uploading an article (probably a tag that you like and which conveys information about you. There are many popular tags so efficient for this purpose!) about yourself and your account or uploading an aesthetic or studyblr picture. Also, you can make different collections of different studyblr material,

I also recommend using popular studyblr tags, such as #study, #studyblr or #school etc, having good picture descriptions and sorting all your content into different places according to what they are related to. After you have organized and beautified your account, you can start posting content!

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Thank you for reading the first installment of this series! I hope this article helps you in creating a studyblr! Do message me if this helped you!

The next article for guide to setting up a renowed studyblr will hopefully be out by next week! Till then,
Lots of love,

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