Hi everyone! I just found this tag abaout my fav. boys & I decided to do it too. I Love them more than words can describe, so I hope you enjoy.

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Who is your favorite member? Kinda hard I Love these two

How did you find out about them?
Well friend of mine back in the day was huge fan of them so from her.

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How long are you in the 5sos Fam? I fell like 5 years. Not 100% sure
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What is your favorite song? This is damn hard. I Love Jet Black Heart, Amnesia, Wrapped around your finger, english love affair and yes all of them. Want you back too omg.
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What 5sos merch / other stuff do you have? I have bracelet & necklace and posters too.

Ever saw the live?
No :( but I hope to one day.

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Ever thought about a lyric/ other 5sos tattoo? Oh yes. But I'm kinda scared to do it.

Are you excited for 5sos3?
Hell yes.

Describe them in one word