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My friend Paulien has created this challenge which, as you can see from the title, is called the ‘By Heart Challenge’. It is an amazing and artistically beautiful challenge! Her links are down below:


♡ by heart i am...

➵ a two am dreamer or a sound sleeper

I am a sound sleeper; once I fall asleep, it is hard to wake me up again. However, I sometimes only fall asleep very late into the night.

➵ reckless or reliable

I am reliable; I don’t jump into things immediately unless I’m very sure about it. I like to make sure everything is as perfect as possible so to avoid anything bad.

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➵ a garden grower or a forest explorer

I am a forest explorer; I cannot grow and tend a garden at all. I would rather walk and explore a natural forest alone or with someone close.

➵ a newspaper or a colouring book

I am a newspaper; I am not creative or artistic in any way and I am someone who likes words better. I understand words more than art.

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➵ the astronaut or the moonchild

I am the astronaut; I love discovering new things and “exploring strange, new worlds”...(Star Trek reference, anyone? No? Ok...) Space fascinates me and I would definitely love to travel to different planets. I also love Star Trek, does that count?

➵ young at heart or an old soul

I am young at heart; I’m still relatively young in age and also, and probably always will be, young at heart. Although I may seem quite mature, sometimes I can go a bit crazy when I’m excited and having fun. I don’t know much about the oldies like songs, films and shows, so I would say I’m still quite young at heart.

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➵ a romantic or a realist

I am a realist; I don’t think I’ll ever be romantic just because I’m not that kind of person. I will say that I’m always stuck in different worlds of books, movies, shows and of my own but I’m definitely not a romantic person.

➵ a cloud gazer or a star chaser

I am a star chaser; I always have goals and I always work to achieve them. Sometimes I do like to take a break and gaze at the clouds but most of the time I’m trying to reach my goals, the stars.

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➵ a mountain or an ocean

I am an ocean; I like to be free and always moving. I’m always learning new things and I absolutely cannot sit still. I am a free spirit and am hard to contain. I’ll admit I sometimes like solitude but most of the time I’m on the move.

➵ the artist or the muse

I am the muse; I love music and I love playing music. I am not creative, as I’ve said before, and I absolutely cannot make art. If I do, it’s probably some random piece of artwork of random lines...yeah, “abstract”.

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♡ by heart I love or choose...

➵ sleeping beneath the stars or sailing at sunrise

I choose sleeping beneath the stars; it is so calm and relaxing. I have gone camping a few times before and sleeping beneath the stars and sky is very calming and I find that I can fall asleep much faster (of course, during camping, I sleep under a tent, but you get what I mean).

➵ flying to the moon or swimming to Atlantis

This one is quite hard, but I choose swimming to Atlantis; me, swim? Nope, but I love the idea of visiting and seeing a fantasy world. I would still also love to visit the moon, since I love space too.

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➵ polaroid pictures or handwritten letters

I love polaroid pictures; polaroid pictures are cute and the picture prints out immediately. You can capture it right at the moment. It’s fun taking pictures with a Polaroid camera and it feels so “vintage” I guess. (Yes I have a Polaroid camera).

➵ barefoot adventures in the jungle or exploring rooftops in Paris

I choose exploring rooftops in Paris; I’m not a big fan of jungles and going through all the hardships and stuff, so I’ll stick to a “safer” place.

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➵ summer nights or city lights

I love summer nights; it’s the time when you can stay up late doing whatever: read a book, watch a movie, spend time with friends and family. I’m always working most of the time, because of school, and so I love it when summer comes and we do is chill.

➵ paintings or poems

I choose poems; I’m not a big fan of either, but I would work with poems rather than paintings. As I said before, I have 0 artistic talent and would rather play around with words.

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➵ rainy days or stormy nights

I choose stormy nights; I think spending a night indoors while a storm rages on is pretty calming...I don’t know why, ok? It’s like you can be on your own during the night and just do something chill (or work...again). Also, you day won’t be ruined by the rain.

➵ vintage postcards or antique telescopes

I choose antique telescopes; I love space and the stars and anything of the sort and having a telescope would be pretty cool. I’m not a postcard person and definitely having an antique telescope would be amazing.

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➵ constellations or conversations

I choose constellations; I would rather gaze at the constellations (which names I do not know/cannot remember) than talk to others. Of course I don’t mind chatting with close friends and family but I would definitely choose to look at the stars by myself for a while sometimes.

➵ déjà vu or nostalgia

I choose nostalgia; I would rather smile at the thought of something old, instead of getting confused about something I had thought had happened to me before. Smiling at an old joke, reference...something, makes me happy.

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