Hello babes,

This is letter you are supposed to write after your angry letter. In this letter you forgive that person who betrayed you, who hurt you.

Remember this letter is not for them, it is for you. You are forgiving them for your own selfish reasons. Because keeping a grudge will only hurt yourself over time. When you forgive them, it is you who feels free.

Forgiving means giving up thoughts of getting back at them for what they did, it doesn’t mean forgetting what they did.

This tag will be called #dearforgiveness.


I forgive you! For hurting mom like you did and for giving up on us. Forgiveness does not mean forgetting, it means not wanting revenge.

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It is easier to say(write) this than to really understand my feelings and truly forgive you. I am working on it. I’ve always felt that I am not allowed to feel these feeling, because it is not like you completely abandoned me. I realized that I am allowed to be mad at what you did, I am allowed to have those feelings.

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I do not show feelings around you, because you expect a lot from me, from us. Although you say you are proud of me, I wouldn’t want to disappoint you by not being the rational and strong person you see me as. The last time I showed feelings around you, you exploded. I believe you didn’t handle it/me properly.

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Anyways this letter is not about whatever I am going on about. My point of this letter is that I forgive you. I do not hate you, you are human and although you may portray that you are, you are not perfect.

Dad, I forgive you.

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