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This is a very personal letter that I wrote to my father. It is an angry letter. I decided to share it, because I want to make it a tag. #dearanger. This is a letter you write to the person that hurt you, the person you are angry at. This is your place to vent, and let it off your mind.

Remember this process isn’t for them, it’s for you. After writing the angry letter, you’ll be writing a forgiveness letter. I’ll create a separate tag for that one.


I am mad/disappointed at the person you were not the person you are today. Before this year I couldn’t judge you for the things you did, because I didn’t know the whole story, I never got the courage to ask you and mom said it wasn’t her story to tell.

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But this year you heard me asking questions and decided to share your side of the story. You said you thought it was cool, having the best of both worlds. After that whole thing, you acted very immature and cowardly.

I am not even mad at you thinking it was cool, I am mad about the immature and cowardly part. If you haven’t acted that way, you and mom might still be together.

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I am mad about you deciding to grow up too late. I am mad about you for treating mom like you did. I am mad about you giving up on a family with me and my mom. I am mad at you for simply giving up.


Your daughter

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