This Is a short list of things I always have to have with me when I'm traveling wether it be a road trip or plane ride these are the items I'll always pack. Enjoy

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1) I always have to have a good pair of headphones with me music helps past the time and I make playlist to set the tone for the adventure.
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2) A backpack is the easiest way to carry things around, they make great carry-on bags for plane rides and holds everything you will need a lot easier than other bags.
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3) SNACKS!! who doesn't love snacks? bringing snacks on long traveling journeys are a must I especially like to bring my own because I know its something I'll like and airport food can be expensive.
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4) I always love to have a journal on me to I can document my experiences,thoughts,and feelings its a really good way to always have the memories of your trip with you.
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5) I love taking pictures whenever I am visiting somewhere new it allows you to get out and explore and get some really good shots of wherever you are visiting + its a way to show others where you've been and what you saw while visiting.

Thanks for reading! :)