hiya dolls! ♡
i always wonder what people decide to take on a day out, & i love seeing other articles like this one. this is what i bring with me when i'm leaving the house (not school, gym etc, just my everyday bag).

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the bag!

as much as i love backpacks, i definitely prefer handbags. yes, they can be annoying on your arm & can make you ache after some time, but i really do love them. i'm very girly, and i think handbags are too :) ♡

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1. my phone📱

i really don't know what i'd do without my phone. it's a necessity when you're not at home! it obviously provides messaging, googling, etc but it always has entertainment! bored on the bus? play a game/some music, which leads me onto the next one:

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2. headphones🎧

like i said previously, music is great when you're out. on the bus? wear them. just walking around town? wear them! time goes so much quicker ♡

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3. perfume🌸

i always make sure that i have packed some sprays/spritz/perfumes (usually travel sized) because why not smell good?!

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4. mints✨

i'm not actually a fan of gum as it can harm your stomach, so i prefer to bring mints with me for fresh breath ♡

5. my purse👛

you never know when you'll find something that you want to buy! not only this, it's handy to bring a purse with you because you can keep other bits in there. e.g: your bus pass, id, drivers license etc. (purses with lots of sections are the best!)

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6. hairbands🙆

just in case i feel like having my hair up, especially on hot days.

7. a drink/snack🍒

i ALWAYS keep a bottle of water in my bag, as it's very important to stay hydrated. not only this, you might not know when you will next eat. it's much easier than having to make a stop at a cafe.

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8. hand sanitizer💦

the world is filled with bacteria, so it's helpful to keep some on you and use it before eating. i recommend pocket bacs!

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9. hand cream💕

for dry hands! & they normally smell good lol

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10. a book/magazine📖

extra entertainment!:) ♡ i don't always bring one of these with me though, because it takes up a lot of room in my bag.

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11. my phone charger💗

like i said, phones are a necessity & can be very helpful, so i'll bring my phone charger with me in case it needs a charge: pretty much every cafe has plug sockets.

12. lip balm💄

or the makeup i'm wearing, however, this also takes up a lot of space in my bag so i don't always take it. it's nice to have a lip balm on you though!

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13. sunglasses👓

my trick is that not only do these keep the sun out of your face, they're handy when you don't want to bump into anyone you know;) it's harder to recognize you!!

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thank you for reading!
love, mads♡