Today's challenge is to write about something that I always think "What if..." About. There's a lot of "What if" questions in this world, but I managed to choose one.

What if it's all meaningless?

The bigger picture. Me, you, your sister, your brother, your parents, and everyone else who could possibly have a meaning in your life, we are all just small pieces in the bigger picture. Yes, we have an importance on the people around us, but if we think bigger; The Earth, The Solar system, our Galaxy, the whole universe, then our importance is actually indescribable small.

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We have an influence on the people around us. Our actions, what we say, it all has a meaning, but in most cases, only a meaning on the people closest to us.

What if I'm forgotten in a thousand years. I probably will be, maybe even in just 200 years. But does it even matter? Our journey in this life ends at some point for all of us anyway.

I always think about this. At night when I can't sleep, and the rest of the world is locked out, and I'm alone with my own endless thoughts. Why live 80 years longer, when I could just die tomorrow? It wouldn't have a bigger importance, and I wouldn't have to work through any problems or have any worries ever again.

The universe, that is infinitely big, and us, who's so indescribable small. School doesn't matter, my grades are unimportant, and my future can also just be unimportant.

We are the smallest pieces of a puzzle, where all the pieces are not yet found. But you need all of the pieces to finish a puzzle, so what if we're not that unimportant after all?

The humanness is of course very important, but each individual is forgotten in 1000 years. So why spend time, trying to figure out who I am? Why be into making an effort to get good grades?

I think we humans are somehow addicted to that kind of stuff. If I walked around, knowing, that I was as important as a dust particle in an old bookstore, I would go crazy. Everything would just kind of stop. No one would want to do anything, 'cause it wouldn't matter anyway.

What if humans didn't exist at all? The universe would keep evolving all the time, and the Earth would look completely different. The planets would keep rotating around the sun, the sun would still be in the Milky Way, and the Milky Way would still be a galaxy with thousands of stars. We would not have any impact on that. We will never reach the end of the galaxy and for sure not the end of the universe.

We are trapped on earth, trapped in our own little solar system, without much knowledge of the universe outside. We are so small, so insignificant and yet again not. Perhaps it is that we only have an impact on the things closest to us, and maybe that's also what actually means the most.

That was all for today, I hope you liked this<33