So instead of doing a celeb "HOW TO" I decided to do some tips and hacks that I think we should all know.

So get cozy and get a pen and paper to hand, take some notes ladies (and gentlemen cos y'all welcome here).


1. You're in a rush, about to walk out the door and you've run out of time to wash your hair and then you'll have to go through the struggle of stying it as well. Well don't fear bcos all you need is some dry shampoo.
Spritz some onto your roots, tease it a lil with a comb and BAM your ready to SLAY THA DAY

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2. Got no dry shampoo? Used it all on the first day you bought it? Yeah don't worry we all do that.
But no need to stress bcos here's another hack you can use.

Grab some baby powder (the one in that bottle that you whack to make a puff of smoke ;))and shake a little onto your hand and sprinkle and massage into your scalp. Work it well into the top of your hair to make sure it blends into your roots and covers up the grease!

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3. This is a hack that offers a short term way of just distracting everyone by making your hair look shiny instead of greasy.

Simply grab a hair dryer and blow over the the scalp and use your hand to "shuz" your hair and add volume. Tip your head upside down and blow the back of your hair to create more texture. You can add more style and volume while using a round head brush while you dry :)

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1. A simple and easy hairstyle that I'm sure we can all master is a messy bun or even a neat and slick back one if you can. This just sits right on top of the head and covers the area of grease that you want to conceal

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2. Another hairstyle which I thought I'd switch up from a normal braid is two double fishtail braids. They look really cute and have a lot more of a detailed look which takes away the fact that you actually have greasy hair under all that.

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3. The next style is just a simple top knot. For me this is the best hairstyle for greasy hair, a) bcos it covers the top of the scalp, b) it covers the grease under your hair unlike a normal bun and c) its just really cute and stylish.

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I hope all my tips and tricks come in handy and make all your "bad" hair days bright and beautiful!!!!!!

Have a good day guys xxx