About: Inspiring female fictional characters that exceed in science and superheroes that are responsible for my love for it.


One of the things that inspires me the most is seeing female fictional characters that exceed in science and are the brains of the core. I'll be honest, I'm no Lydia Martin when it comes to science, but I do love it and I admire anyone who is natural with it. What I love more is a more accurate representation of women in pop culture.

The first time I encountered a smart female character was obviously in Harry Potter. Hermione is probably a senior leader of all the most iconic female characters of our generation. However, growing up I realized that Hermione is not exactly the most accurate represenation of what I always aspired to be, but rather she was a more stereotyped "nerd" kind of girl.

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Later on, it would be Spencer Hastings from Pretty Little Liars who was not only smart but also pretty (which was a reason to be relieved and forget about all the "nerds are ugly" stereotype). She was a first real female character that people could relate to, with almost no exaggerations.

Lastly, if you know me you probably know that I am obsessed with Raven Reyes from The 100, and Caitlin Snow from The Flash, etc. My point is it drives me crazy seeing girls who are good in science, I don't think anything motivates me to do my physics homework more than them.

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And it's cool! Honestly, if you love science and want to pursue it in the future, that's super cool. And please don't ever listen to the "physics has gone nowhere in the last decade" or "medicine sucks the life out of you" type of bulls*hit.


There reason why I am so obsessed with science is probably because growing up I was very into comic books and superhero movies (still am). I grew up on all the sceince fiction stuff and the idea of science being so powerful (despite the fact that most of it was fiction) really fascinated me.

I will open up a little to you guys by saying that my favorite superheros of all time are Spider-Man and Flash. Coming from two different multiuniverses, these characters are the reason I love science. Peter's grand knowledge in biophysics and Barry's forensic abilities really played the role.

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