Hello everybody!
As you might know flowers have a secret meaning, so today I thought I could write about some of them.
Let's go!


sunflower, flowers, and yellow image

A sunflower signifies joy, happiness and pure thoughts, it symbolizes adoration and dedication.


Image by Ana Paula Horta

A tulip (or a bunch of them) usually signifies a declaration of love, but the meaning can change depending on the flower's colour. It symbolizes love.


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A daisy is a symbol of innocence and purity. It also signifies true love.


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An Iris is a symbol of faith, hope and wisdom depending on the colour, but it also symbolizes the wish to communicate a message.


flowers, rose, and pink image

A rose can have different meanings depending on its colour.
A red rose is a symbol of love and passion,
a pink rose symbolizes gracefulness and elegance,
a yellow rose is a symbol of jealousy.
And so on with many other colours.

That's all for this article, I hope you enjoyed it!