Tumblr outfits for school - to look cool! Here are some ideas you should/could wear for all seasons - when you are outside or at school!

1. Winter

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fashion, fall, and autumn image

- a sweater/jumper
- jeans (any color, but it's better in dark blue or black)
- stylish combinational boots
- (to look cuter and not to get a cold) wear a beanie / winter cap, it would look nicer if it fits your clothes or is in a lighter color like white.

2. Spring

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- a nice, easy coat or a shirt
- spring colored top (pink,green,yellow,red,white...)
- light jeans
- sneakers / trainers

3. Summer

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- crop top / t-shirt
- ripped jeans
- shoes / trainers / sneakers
(I'm writing in American and British English)

4. Autumn/Fall

I'm going to give more ideas, because the weather changes pretty fast in Autumn/Fall.
- September

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- October

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- November

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- December

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